At My Homescent, our mission is to bring the allure of luxury home fragrances within reach of every customer.

We are inspired by market trends and high-end scents, and we strive to provide the same quality ingredients and long-lasting fragrances, but at an affordable price point.

Our goal is to create an olfactory experience that transforms any space into a sanctuary of elegance and indulgence, without compromising on quality or affordability.

We believe that everyone deserves to surround themselves with captivating scents that evoke warmth, tranquillity, and sophistication.

At My Homescent, our goal is to empower and inspire customers to create their own long-lasting and affordable DIY reed diffusers while promoting the safe and effective use of essential oils and fragrance oils in various applications such as home fragrances, aromatherapy, and household cleaning.

Our dedication is also to provide comprehensive guidance and education, equipping our customers with the knowledge and skills necessary to create bespoke scents that reflect their unique preferences and personalities.

We are driven by our core values of transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing useful resources, reliable information, and exceptional customer support.