Top 5 Home Scents for Spring – how you can welcome the freshness of the new season into your whole house

The sun came peeking out from behind the clouds, you managed to leave the house in fewer than five layers and spring is definitely on its way.

Now is the time to look forward to the year ahead and shake off the winter blues.

What better way to do that than to fill your home with the scents of spring?

It’s long been established that smell plays a large part in re-creating memories, so the best way to immerse yourself in the new season is to smell the familiar fresh scents of spring.

    1. Pomegranate and Casablanca Lily

      A favourite fragrance for spring is Pomegranate and Casablanca Lily.  The rich pomegranate gives hints of ripening fruit whilst still being in season if you fancy indulging your taste-buds as well.  Not only is the Casablanca Lily one of the most fragrant flowers, with an exotic, musky aroma, but it is also a symbol of celebration and opulence – perfect for the fresh starts and new life that comes with spring.

    1. Bergamot, Orange and Amber

      If you’re looking out the window and the trees are being blown sideways by the wind and you’re thinking of putting on an extra pair of socks, you might not feel that spring is really here yet.  In which case, why not cling on to that cosy winter feel for a while longer?  A popular fragrance like Bergamot, Orange and Amber is perfect for the transition between winter and spring.  The sweet citrus smells of bergamot and orange bring back memories of the Christmas season (without the stress) and are warm and comforting without being too heavy and oppressive.  The hints of amber in this fragrance give it depth and tempers the citrus to make it a rich treat.  It’s the sort of warming fragrance you’ll love to come home to in the early spring.

    1. English Rose & Oud

      One of the first signs of spring, of course, is the blossoms on all the trees and the first tentative rosebuds that brave the brisk breezes.  If you want to fill your home with the scents of spring then what better scent than rose?  The advantage of rose is that it is not an overpowering smell, so waking up to a fragrance like English Rose & Oud will give you a delicious hint of spring.  The spice of the clove and the woody praline give this fragrance an exotic tang, setting it apart from the generic rose-flavoured reed diffusers and giving you something extra special.

    1. Lime, Basil and Mandarin

      Once spring is definitely sprung, there is nothing better than a fresh, citrus smell.  It makes any room smell instantly clean and it seems to give you a burst of energy.  How you use that energy is up to you but, either way, one of the best citrus-fresh fragrances is Lime, Basil and Mandarin.  It’s a refreshing scent to bring your home into the new year.  The lime makes this fragrance sharp and zingy but the mandarin is a much sweeter citrus fruit and stops this fragrance from being too sharp.  The basil adds a peppery hint which reinforces this as a cleansing scent for spring.  It could inspire you to do your spring cleaning but I can’t promise that.

  1. English Pear and Freesia

    The fifth fragrance is the one I saved for last.  It’s a perfect spring-into-summer fragrance since it has the freshness of spring and the promise of warm summer sun.  English Pear and Freesia is a fruity fragrance but the floral freesia – with a trace of honey and mint in it – moderates the sweetness of the pear.  This fragrance will fill your home with the aroma of summer flowers and fresh fruit.

Spring is one of the seasons that brings the most unexpected weather with it.  While we look forward to the sun coming out – whether that’s to fill your days with glorious walks through green pastures or whether (perhaps more likely) you want to get your washing out on the line – the British weather might throw a few surprises our way.  However, it’s the bracing wind, the bursts of blinding sunshine and the sight of the trees blossoming that make spring so exciting and nothing quite captures the essence of the new season like a fresh fragrance to fill your home.

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