Make your own Reed Diffuser Oil

Making your own Reed Diffuser refill couldn't be easier using one our My HomeScent kits. We have sourced premium Home Fragrance Oils from all over the world which are derived from highly concentrated essential oils to provide you with a perfect aroma for your home. Please see below our easy to follow 'how to' guide: 

Materials required 
1. Reed diffuser base oil
2. Home Fragrance Oils
3. Mixing accessory kit
4. Reed diffuser refill glass bottle 
5. Reed sticks 
All of which are included in our starter kit.


1. Pour 90ml of the reed diffuser base oil into the measuring device provided in our mixing accessory kit;

2. Using the 1ml syringe provided, add your chosen home fragrance oils to the measuring jug. In order to make 100ml of reed diffuser refill, ensure the total amount of home fragrance oils used is at least 10ml*;

3. Use the rattan reed sticks provided in our kit to give your scented mixture a good stir; 

4. Pour the reed diffuser refill mixture into the reed diffuser glass provided in all of our kits, secure the top and insert the rattan reed sticks to allow your bespoke scent to start diffusing; and

5. Finally, place the reed diffuser in the desired location and allow YOUR scent to diffuse! 

*Tip: there are no fixed measurements however we suggest a general rule of 90% reed diffuser base oil and 10% home fragrance oils to create the perfect scent. Example: for a 100ml diffuser, pour 90ml of our Diffuser Base Oil into the jug with a combined 10ml of Fragrance Oils. 

You will find our mixing guide in your My HomeScent kit but click here to have a quick look. 

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  • Joe Cotton

    Very easy to follow. Surprisingly quick to make your own reed diffuser refill! I would recommend using 15ml of home fragrance oils.

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