Can I really reproduce my favourite Reed Diffuser?

This is the most popular question we get from our customers, so we thought why not do a blog post to answer it!

All of our customers desire a lovely scented home and our biggest gripe was the cost of achieving this! We set out to give our customers the opportunity to create a beautifully scented home with their desired fragrances at an affordable price.

The average Reed Diffuser in the UK is £39 and some are as expensive as £95! Using our My HomeScent Diffuser Kit you can make your own diffuser from as little as £4.99.

Now, how do you replicate your favourite scent diffuser? It’s quite simple; all Reed Diffusers are made up of essential oils and carrier oils.

Now, whilst we understand you may not be able to find the exact recipe for your favourite diffuser, you can certainly find out which essential oils they contain. Once you’ve worked out which essential oils are used, you simply mix them together with the diffuser base oil at an 85/90% carrier oil 10/15% essentials oil ratio.

Now, you will need to work out if you need slightly more of one essential oil but this is the fun part! When you get it right, you’re set to forever reproduce your favourite scent diffuser at a fraction of the price!

The best part? The whole mixing process can take less than a minute! Read 'Making your Scent Diffuser' for my detail and start your mixing journey here!


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